South Dakota Emergency Medical Technician Registry List

Most states in the U.S. maintain a current list of licensed emergency medical technicians, commonly referred to as EMTs. There is also a National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians known as the NREMT for short. All EMTs with an active license should make sure their name is listed on the National registry and their state registry because potential employers might check the registry before making hiring decisions.

The state registry list provides a service to consumers, employers and EMTs by keeping an organized and accessible listing of all current licensees. This helps maintain professional quality control and job integrity by holding all individuals to the same training and certification standards.

In South Dakota, the state registry list is commonly used by employers to verify license and certification status of prospective EMTs. Those who reside in South Dakota and possess a current EMT license should make sure they are listed with the state and national registry if they intend to work as an EMT anytime soon.

Can you work as an EMT in South Dakota if your name is not listed on the state EMT registry? Probably not, because most employers will not hire outside of the approved guidelines set forth by the state and national standards. If you have completed the required education requirements and passed the EMT certification exam then the next step is to apply for license and list your name on the registry.

South Dakota State EMT Registry

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