Requirements for EMT License in Georgia

To become an emergency medical technician (EMT) in Georgia one must possess a high school diploma or equivalent degree, hold current CPR certification, complete an approved educational program and pass the National and/or state certification exam. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) keeps a current list of all licensed EMTs in each state. After passing the required Georgia state exam the individual can apply for inclusion on the NREMT and the Georgia state EMT Registry. Most states require EMTs to renew their license every two years, which might require a short re-certification course.

Different Types of EMT Certifications

EMTs who complete a basic level training course might face more limited job opportunities than those who completed an intermediate level course or paramedic program. As in many professional fields, employers are opting to hire those with the highest qualifications, greatest level of education and most experience. To be highly competitive in the EMT job market in Georgia it is best to obtain an intermediate EMT certification. Note that the state license exam will be the same for basic level and intermediate level EMTs; the only difference is in the training program.

Georgia EMT Certification Exam

The EMT-basic certification test includes two portions: a cognitive test and a psychomotor section. The cognitive section of the exam is a computer-based test that includes anywhere between 70-120 questions. Applicants are allowed no more than 2 hours to complete the exam. The psychomotor section requires the individual to demonstrate a handful of emergency medical technician skills to the satisfaction of the instructor. The cost of taking the NREMT exam is $70. Upon passing the exam the individual will be issued a two year license to practice as an EMT in Georgia.

Continuing Education Courses for EMT in Georgia

If an individual allows their education to expire after two years before passing the NREMT exam they will be required to complete a refresher course before they can challenge the NREMT exam again. Licensed EMTs will also be required to take continuing education courses once every two years to keep their license in active standing.

The continuing education topics covered usually include patient assessment, trauma, preparatory procedures, medical care, infant/child care, airways and elective courses. Typical refresher courses include 24 credit hours of classroom training. For EMTs who allow their license to lapse they will need to complete a refresher course plus an additional 48 hours of approved training before they can apply for re-certification. There is also an exam option that can be taken in-lieu of the continuing education requirement. Once the EMT license has been expired for over six months there is no longer an exam option available.

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